Wednesday, 14 November 2018


It's been a hell of a November here at camp Troys, and we're not even half way through.  Our short but sweet set opening for The Headstones at FirstOntario Concert Hall was insane.  Everyone treated us like royalty.  We crammed 5 songs into 20 minutes and came out a few minutes ahead.  The crowd was so supportive, and we met a ton of awesome people, and won over a few new fans in the process!

We were still basking in the memories of that incredible night when news spread amongst us quickly that Chris was in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack!  One stent and a few lousy hospital meals later and he was back in action Saturday night for our official launch of Legends Never Die at the Corktown Pub in Hamilton.  Still needing to stay calm and rested, we played a shorter set of 9 songs to the most amazing, supportive bunch of people we've ever met.  It sounds trite, but there truly was music, laughter, a few tears and a lot of hugs that night.  It was maybe more incredible that the Thursday that preceded it.

(photo cred John Gelder)

The train keeps rolling with the next stop in London this Friday night at Norma Jean's, with Black Collar Union and London's always-awesome All But Six!

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